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  The subscribers who reconnects the electrical power that is disconnected by the legal person who holds the distribution license in line with the relevant legislation or gets it reconnected without fulfilling its legal obligations, such subscribers are subject to provisions of illegal consumption of electrical power.

  If the customer fulfills its legal obligations that arise from the relevant legislation, the customer’s electrical power is reconnected.

  If the plastic seals on the electrical meter are damaged, action is taken for illegal consumption in line with the Article 13 of the Regulation on Customer Services, Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) and criminal report is filed against relevant persons to Chief Public Prosecutor's Offices for UNPAID CONSUMPTION per paragraph 163/3 of the Turkish Criminal Law and for DAMAGING SEAL per Article 203 of the Turkish Criminal Law.

  If the plastic seal on the meter is damaged, action is taken against relevant persons as it is considered as illegal consumption and criminal report is filed to the relevant court against such persons for damaging seal and unpaid consumption.

  Subscriber is responsible for the protection of the meter and the seals thereon.

  Illegal consumption of electrical power is considered as the crime of unpaid consumption.

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