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Provision of password for automatic meter reading system (OSOS)

Provision of password for automatic meter reading system (OSOS)

Announcement about Provision of Password for Automatic Meter Reading System (OSOS)

Our subscribers, whose meters are read remotely by the Automatic Meter Reading System (OSOS) that has been established by our company, can monitor the data of their meters over internet with the user code and password that are given to them. You can fill in the OSO User Accounts Delivery Minute and apply to the Directorate of Measurement Systems that is available in our service building which is located in the address of Merkez Efendi Mahallesi, Sabri Ülker Caddesi, No:38 (Zemin Kat) Cevizlibağ-Zeytinburnu together with the documents that are indicated in the minute to obtain your User Name and Password.

Please click here for OSOS User Accounts Delivery Minute

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