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Our Human Resources Policy is to meet expectations of our staff and customers by maintaining our leadership in Turkish energy sector, use our resources in the most effective way possible as a leading company which is open to innovation, prioritize and place the utmost importance to human, environment and occupational health and safety first, comply with quality standards, improve and develop constantly, rely on our customers for our strength, adopt a customer-oriented approach and to use human power and resources effectively and efficiently.

Our Recruitment Policy is to;

  • Bring in the qualified human power which will ensure effective and efficient execution of the works and which comply with the values and culture of our institution
  • Ensure that the performance and efficiency of staff is improved constantly through education and development
  • Guide our staff in career management by improving their knowledge and skills
  • Recruitment and Placement
  • Education and Development
  • Performance Management and Career Planning
  • Pricing
  • Motivation
  • Management Systems
  • Social Responsibility

Our most significant strength is human power. Quality of work is defined by the quality of the staff that carries out such work. One of our primary objectives is to bring in the qualified work power for the institution and the society.

We know that effective and efficient participation of different skills carries a company forward. Therefore; it is one of our basic principles to contribute to development of our staff by providing them professional development opportunities which help them improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior and to create resources for constant development.


  • To improve individual performance, team performance and management system through processes and systems which constantly improve the quality in order to bring out the best in our staff and our institution,
  • To adopt a customer-oriented approach and to determine and effectively interpret the needs of our current and prospective customers in order to make a difference and provide high-quality service,
  • To establish a career management system and to provide them with professional development opportunities so that our staff can work in a convenient and safe environment which cater for their professional needs and they can plan their present as much as their future,
  • To ensure that they keep their organizational structures dynamic and get ready for changes in line with the strategic plans and objectives of our company,
  • To create an environment where positive discipline approach is adopted, people enjoy working, value culture and trust are appreciated and which increase motivation and loyalty of the staff,
  • To promote corporate culture and awareness where innovation and creativity are encouraged,
  • To focus on ensuring Occupational Health And Safety and protecting our natural environment in our operations, to respect first human and secondly environment, to develop systems to prevent occupational accidents and to prioritize Occupational Health And Safety and environment factor in all of our projects,
  • It is another basic principle of ours to ensure commitment to the principles of Objectivity, Sensitivity and Equality and human resources practices in collaboration with other managers and staff,
  • To ensure sustainable development through investment in human which constitutes the core of our presence and the strongest resource.




Companies need well-educated, creative and knowledgeable human resources in order to be able to develop and grow. Therefore education and development have great effect on efficiency.
Development of staff’s capabilities in our company, analysis of educational and developmental needs for the purpose of increasing professional and personal performance, creation and implementation of professional development plans and evaluation of their effectiveness are managed in line with the educational and developmental processes of our company.
Our employees attend trainings in line with their developmental plans. The trainings take place in the training hall of the Head Office or the Education Center.
The trainings which have to be repeated per regulation and in line with the requirements of the work are supported with professional and personal development trainings, technical equipment and necessary tools and devices and are held in training halls and practicing areas which have been reinforced and supplemented.

Each of 3367 employees received education for 30,9 hours in 2014.


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