Conditions of Confidentiality

Conditions of Confidentiality


BEDAŞ sincerely believes in protecting the confidentiality of the entire information that you share with us and consider as personal. Moreover; we think that it is also important to provide you with information about the way how we will use your personal information and to offer you alternatives about the way how we use this information. Therefore, you are kindly advised to read this Confidentiality Policy carefully.

1. All the documents that are published on the website of BEDAŞ are the property of BEDAŞ. You are not allowed to change, copy, reproduce, republish, transfer to another computer, mail or distribute any material that is available on this site including the codes and software. You can print out the pages of this website for your personal use independently of the above-mentioned articles.
2. While the precautions have been taken in line with the available facilities for BEDAŞ website to be free of viruses and software with similar purposes, the user is responsible for installing its own virus protection system and instituting the necessary protection in order to ensure absolute safety. In this regard, the user accepts that s/he is responsible for all the failures which may occur in its own software and operating system and their direct or indirect outcomes.

3. The entire information that is broadcast on BEDAŞ website is for introductory and informative purposes only. The user cannot claim that the information that is broadcast on the website is missing or faulty or that s/he has been damaged because of such information. The user accepts that when s/he intends to take action based on this information, s/he has to receive the absolute and reliable information from BEDAŞ and that BEDAŞ is not responsible for any outdated information that is broadcast on its website.

4. BEDAŞ reserves the right to change the content of the website, change or terminate any service that is provided to users and delete the user information and data that is registered on BEDAŞ website at its own discretion and whenever it wants to. While all the precautions have been taken for BEDAŞ website to be free of all mistakes, guarantee cannot be provided with regard to current or possible faults on the website.

5. If a criminal complaint is filed by the official authorities against the user or if official request is placed for investigation of the user and/or if it is detected the user has sabotaged or attacked BEDAŞ systems electronically in a way to prevent or change their operation, BEDAŞ has the right to investigate the identity information of the user and notify them to the legal authorities.

6. The information may circulate over internet without any sufficient safety precaution and might be used by unauthorized persons because of nature of internet. There is not any technological system which is absolutely safe, protected against “tampering” or “hacker”. BEDAŞ takes the necessary precautions (in terms of software and hardware) in order to prevent and minimize the risks that are related to unauthorized access to, false utilization or wrong modification of your personal information. The damages which may occur despite the precautions that BEDAŞ takes are not under the responsibility of BEDAŞ. The user is responsible for taking all the necessary safety precautions individually.

7. In some cases, non-personal information may be collected including, for example, the type of the internet web browser that you use, your operating system, and the domain name of the website that you have accessed over link or notice.

8. Data can be sent from our website and stored in your computer from time to time in order to be able to identify you. Such data is generally known as “cookie”. This data which shows us how and when our visitors use our website may help us to develop our website. Cookies are industrial standards and used by many websites. Cookies are stored in your computer. You can adjust your web browser if it is able to do so in order to indicate if you want receive cookies or if you want to be informed when they are sent and stored.

9. This policy will be enforced in line with the laws of Turkish Republic without causing any non-compliance with the same. If any article of this policy is illegal, invalid or legally inapplicable for any reason, such article can be omitted from this policy and it will not affect the validity and legal applicability of the remaining articles.

10. The information that you share over BEDAŞ website will not be shared with third persons in anyway whatsoever or will not be used for commercial purposes.

11. By entering and using this website, you agree to the conditions of this Confidentiality Policy.


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