1. What is the difference between electronic meter and mechanic meter?

Electronic meter can make measurement at three time intervals.

Measurement at three time intervals: 06.00–17.00 Daytime / 17.00-22.00 Peak demand / 22.00–06.00 Night Time. When you shift your consumption period to Night time which is charged over low tariff, you have the chance to use the advantage of low tariff.

However, mechanical meter does not have such option. Electronic meters can keep 1-year consumption data in their memory. Such data will be available to you if you encounter any problem.

Mechanical meter does not have such feature. As the electronic counter’s amperage ranges are wide, they don’t have the risk of burning within a short period of time. The warranty periods of electronic meters change between 3 and 5 years. Electronic meters which have communication module enable remote reading.

2. What is the reason for operations of replacement that are carried for meters?

The meters which measure electricity consumption in line with the Measurement and Adjustment Law numbered 3516 and the secondary regulation that is based on this law are checked periodically every 10 years and their seal adjustment operations must be carried out. Therefore; the meters which fulfill the 10-year seal period are demounted for seal adjustment operations and a meter which has the same features is installed temporarily.

The meters which cannot be adjusted and/or repaired must be replaced with a new one. Besides that, mechanical counters which are demounted upon demands of customers can be replaced with electronic meters which are capable of measuring consumption at multiple times.

3. Can meters be replaced based on a petition of a tenant or another person although the landlord holds the subscription agreement in meter controls?

If it is detected that the consumption values that are shown by the meter are faulty, it must be replaced within the framework of the provisions of the regulation (article 14).

If the user of the relevant meter is not the customer, the user in question must contact the supplying company in charge, sign an agreement and get the subscription registered with his/her own name. The meter can be replaced only if the holder of the subscription applies for it.

4. What is the cost and basis of meter reading and who is charged for it?

Meter-reading cost is a cost which reflects the expenses of reading meter and which is within the scope of Regulation on License on the Electricity Market and Regulation on the Tariffs on the Electricity Market. The cost in question is determined per reading for all the users of the distribution system. For further information on unfunded tariffs in force, please click here depending on the customer group and connection status.

5. I would like to change the location of my meter/ move it to a more accessible location. What should I do?

You can apply to the Regional Directorate that you are registered with to obtain further information.

6. My meter has broken down. What should I do?

If your meter breaks down, you can apply to the supplying company in charge together with the petition and you can also call 186 BEDAŞ Call Center, use Mobile Application of 186 BEDAŞ or fill out the Request From that is available on BEDAŞ Twitter Support Line and and create a record of failure.

When you apply to our company suspecting that the meter might fail in terms of meter/measuring precision, the meter is controlled per provisions of Article 41 of the Regulation on Customer Services on the Electricity Market.

If it is detected that the meter records the consumption accurately within the framework of the provisions of the Measurements and Adjustment Law numbered 3516, the costs of mounting-demounting the meter and the expenses which are incurred within the framework of the Law numbered 3516 are borne by the party which places the request.

7. My meter has broken down and retrospective under-consumption has been accrued in my name. What is the reason of it?

If it is detected that the meter has not recorded any consumption or the accurate consumption for any reason other than the fault of the customer based on the criteria that are indicated on Articles 14 and 15 of the Regulation on Customer Services on Electricity Market, accrual is applied for the period/time when the consumption is not recorded at all or the accurate consumption is not recorded.

8. What should I do for my meter to be demounted and electrical power supply for be disconnected?

The subscriber or their agent must apply to the Regional Directorate with which they are registered with customer number by petition.

9. What are my rights and responsibilities with regard to technical quality?

The responsibilities of the distribution company and the users as to technical quality are established with the Article 23 of the Regulation on the Service Quality in Electric Distribution and Retail Sales.

The users can request measurement from the distribution company for the evaluation of the complaints which are related to the technical quality. The distribution company cannot demand any cost from the users with regard to measurement if the party which causes the distortion of technical quality parameters is not the user or if the technical quality limits exceed the limit values that are indicated in the Regulation as a result of a measurement of one week within the scope of this Regulation.

10. Which conditions require the compensation system? Is it necessary?

All the subscribers over the connection power (demand) of 9 kW other than residence subscribers, lighting subscribers and subscribers which are supplied with single phase must do reactive power compensation in line with the Procedures and Principles of Tariff Implementation.

11. I would like to install generator in the place where I am currently a subscriber. What should I do?

For the generators which shall be installed or which have been installed without license, the suitable generator power will be determined; the Relief Generator Project, which has been designed in a way that the generator connections come after the meter, submitted to the Directorate of Energy Demands Evaluation which is under the General Directorate for approval in line with the OG or AG Project which has been previously approved per Regulation on Electrical Power Plants Project  After the Relief Generator Project is approved by the Directorate of Energy Demands Evaluation, Directorate of System Operation must be applied and Relief Generator System must be Accepted.

12. I would like to get a Private Transformer established. What should I do?

Directorate of Energy Demands Evaluation that is available under the General Directorate (the link to the G. M. address on the web page) must be applied and demand must be placed for “Energy Permission”. The Energy Permission Document which established the conditions of connection is drawn up by the Directorate of Energy Demands Evaluation. “Project” is drawn up by an authorized Electrical Engineer in line with the Energy Permission Document.

The construction of the plant is initiated upon approval of the project by the Directorate of Energy Demands Evaluation. After the plant is constructed, the Technical Responsible Engineer examines the plant and then demand is placed to the Directorate of System Operation which is in the General Directorate for “Temporary Admission”. The Acceptance Committee which is established by the Directorate of System Operation performs the Temporary Admission after examining if the approved project of the plant that has been constructed complies with the Energy Permission Document. After the temporary admission is approved, the subscription operations of the plant are carried out in Regional Directorates

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