Power Cut-Off

Power Cut-Off
1. What are the reasons of electrical power cut?

If the retail sales agreement is terminated, illegal or unlawful electricity consumption is established, the required payments are not made for the consumed energy on time and if the customer’s agreement contains the special conditions which require the power cut, the electrical power of the customer is cut.

2. My electrical device has broken down due to electrical power cut and/or due to damages of the meter. What should I do? What are the procedures of the distribution company in such case?

The user can claim for the indemnification of the damages from the distribution company within 10 (ten) working days as of the date when the damages occurred if the damages were caused by the distribution network and occurred in the user’s equipment on condition that they are not caused by the user’s fault.

The information of the user who will claim for indemnification of damages must be consistent with the information of the meter holder for this operation to be carried out.

In order for the damage to be indemnified, it must be established by the distribution company as a result of the examinations and assessment that shall be carried out or gotten carried out by the distribution company with regard to points such as quality of the damage, condition of the user’s plant, the cut that occurs in distribution network, failure and fluctuation.

The distribution company notifies the user within 10 (ten) working days as of the date when the application is made for the indemnification of damages to inform if the application was accepted or rejected as a result of the examination and evaluation and about the procedures that shall be carried out for the indemnification if it has been accepted.

If the application is rejected, the notification to the user contains also the decision’s bases and rejections. The distribution company can undertake the repair works of the equipment or undertake the costs of the repair works of the equipment and prefer that the user gets it repaired.

If the distribution company decides that the user gets it repaired, it can direct the user to the service/services that it shall agree with. The distribution company is responsible for act in a way to protect the guarantee rights on the equipment of the user that is being repaired. The repair that shall be made by the distribution company within 10 (ten) working days at the latest as of the date when the application of the user is accepted on site or by taking the equipment to another place depending on the conditions.

If it is preferred that the costs of repair are borne, the relevant amount is paid over the means (bank/PTT) which is preferred by the user within 3 (three) working days as of the date when the bill of the repair costs is submitted by the user.

3. What should be done if the damaged equipment has to be repaired within the shortest time possible?

If the damaged equipment has to be repaired within a short period of time due to reasonable causes, the examination and evaluation period is finalized immediately by the distribution company upon request of the user or the service/services that the distribution company agrees with for the repair are notified to the user. The cost of repair that is incurred is paid by the distribution company to the user in line with the provisions of Article 26 of the Regulation on Service Quality in Electric Distribution and Retail Sales if the application is accepted as a result of the evaluation.

4. What are the procedures that are carried out if the damaged equipment cannot be repaired?

If the damaged equipment cannot be repaired, the market value that shall be established/gotten established by the distribution company or the damage that is demanded by the user, if deemed appropriate by the distribution company is paid to the user.

5. What is planned power cut? Why is it done?

Planned power cuts are the cuts which require the public to be informed beforehand in cases which require power cut at stages of pre-scheduled investment, repair-maintenance works and new subscription connections in our electric distribution network other than the breakdowns. Planned power cuts are performed in order to improve and renew our electric network so that we can supply energy to our customers in a more effective way without any interruption and the purpose of these works is to reduce the number of breakdowns and to prevent the extension of downtime which is caused by breakdowns.

6. How can we get informed about planned power cuts?

The list of Planned Power Cuts is available on the tab Planned Power Cuts on the Main Page.You can also get information about the planned power cuts via BEDAŞ 186 mobile application. Moreover, please click to get informed about Planned Power Cuts through SMS.

7. Are troubleshooting services available for 24 hours?
Yes they are.

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